ATAB Travel Benefits

TrebecaATAB is delighted to be able to offer its subscriber’s access to the ATAB travel discount program in conjunction with Trebeca.

Trebeca has been powering many of the world’s major Airlines staff travel sites for years and ATAB is delighted to offer its subscribers access to this facility. Access to this facility is absolutely free of charge.

To sign up for the program please ensure you are an ATAB subscriber by completing the ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ below (left); once you receive our confirmation email you are able to join our benefit site with Trebeca.

There are no booking fees and no credit card fees and naturally there is 24/7 support.

Travel Benefits

Website terms of use:

You must have an ATAB Validated Email to enter the Trebeca site and sign up

Once you have been validated by ATAB you will need to set up your Trebeca account. This involves entering your email address and creating a password.

Exchange Rates

Trebeca provides an estimate of its rates in multiple currencies. Once you make your booking the system will display the USD amount as well as the exchange rate used to convert this to the estimated AUD amount.

Make sure you click on the “AUD” tab on the orange bar on the top of the ATAB Trebeca site to display Australian Dollars. Final transaction rate may vary from bank to bank.

By Signing up you Accept the User Conditions

ATAB has user conditions of its site as well as user conditions on the basis you accept to be referred to the Trebeca site. By signing up with Trebeca it is understood that you accept these conditions.

USER Conditions ATAB Button

Trebeca user conditions are available on the Trebeca website